Weekend Worker Issue #1, 2nd edition

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Weekend Worker Issue #1, 2nd edition

A glossy A4 compendium of South-East-Londinian (and beyond) nightlife, working life, music, stories, commentary, and letters.

The Weekend Worker is 64 pages of original interviews, reviews, photographs and articles. Between interrogating priests and ordering just lettuce at the chicken shop, our crew have gone above and beyond in sussing out some of the best-kept local secrets of our perilous times.

Featuring a vast array of unique figures: time traveller Photon, the Deptford fish men, disaster survivors, barmaids, convicts and wanderers. The insights of our writers are unparalleled, with articles about religion, theatre, music and the state of the nation.

The eclectic array of content is presented in the unique graphic style of Lucas Levi-Nietz with all the editorial wit of Jane Time.

This 2nd edition includes an updated cover design and improved accessibility. Every copy is hand-numbered 1-100. This is the last ever run of Weekend Worker 1. We hope you love it.